Pomeranian Dog Stud Earrings

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    The foxy faced Pomeranian or Pom Pom is a loyal companion.  Our handcrafted tiny dog silhouette jewelry showcases his fluffy plumed tail and coat.


    • Unique sterling silver, 14k gold-filled or solid 14k yellow gold Pomeranian post earrings
    • Handmade in the USA
    • Delivered in a small gift box
    • Each earring measures approximately 7.4mm x 7.8mm
    • Pictured in polished sterling silver
    • Made to order
    • Requires up to 14 business days prior to shipment

    What is gold-filled?

    Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold which must constitute at least 5% of the item's total weight, mechanically bonded to a base metal.  Our gold-filled earrings are cut from a sheet of 14k gold bonded to brass.  The front and back of the earring will be coated in 14k gold. The edges of the earrings will have exposed base metal and can tarnish over time. Those with high sensitivity should purchase solid 14k gold.

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    Daria Koko

    Very good 👍


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    Jan McCann

    These are tiny and cute pom earrings! From afar, someone said they couldn’t identify what they were, but I can tell they are a pom puppy outline! They are well made.