Set of Copper Verdigris Patina Bangle Bracelet

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These artisan copper bangle bracelets were hand forged and dipped in a bath of our verdigris patina finish. The colors will always turn out slightly differently, photos are a representative of the bracelets you will receive. Always unique, always one of a kind. The patina is clear coated and then sealed by a layer of wax that will preserve the finish.

The Details.
∞ Artisan handmade copper bangles
∞ Choose size by measuring around fullest part of your hand
∞ Small: 7.5" measurement
∞ Medium: 8" measurement
∞ Large: 8.5" measurement
∞ Extra-Large: 9" measurement
∞ Verdigris patina finish
∞ Made to order Θ Allow up to 14 business days before shipment Θ
∞ Gift box included
∞ Made in the USA